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A New Age Career as a Meridian 101 Wellness Educator

Thousands across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Australia have benefited from learning and applying the D.I.Y. self-healing techniques of Meridian 101. If you are one of them and aspire to be a Meridian 101 wellness educator to share its goodness to help others, we have the right training courses for you.

You start as a Meridian 101 Ambassador, and with experience and further training, you advance to be a Meridian 101 Speaker. At the apex, you may aspire to rise up as a regional Meridian 101 Trainer.

An Ambassador is able to share Meridian 101 on individual or small group basis while a Speaker is trained to professionally present complete and large-scale Meridian 101 Workshops. Some Ambassadors and Speakers pursue this passion as a full-time business, some take it as a home-based business with flexible hours, and yet some do it as a hobby to help others. Whatsoever, it's a great way to enjoy a do-good, skill-based career.

If you have the aspiration to join our fast expanding regional teams of M101 Ambassadors, Speakers and Trainers, you are welcome to enroll for the Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course.




COURSE OBJECTIVE To train and qualify Meridian 101 Ambassadors to facilitate Meridian 101 workshops/talks supported by Meridian 101 Speakers/Trainers, and to share Meridian 101 competently.
COURSE STRUCTURE This is a 39-hour (2 x full Saturdays + 1 x Tuesday evening) theory + practical experiential learning course held in Singapore:
  • Part 1 (8 hrs): Herbal Essential Oil Theory, Acupressure & Guasha Skills
  • Part 2 (3 hrs): Vision, Blue Ocean Success Strategy
  • Part 3 (8 hrs): Workshop Organization, Roles & Compensation
  • Part 4 (5x4 hrs): On-The-Job training over 5 actual M101 Workshops
  1. Must be sponsored and accompanied by a qualified and active Meridian 101 Ambassador.
  2. Must have attended ALL 5 Meridian 101 Workshops - Everyone, Detox, De-Stress, Facial Reflexology and Women. (Less WOMEN workshop for male trainees).
  3. Must possess a complete set of M101 Basic Tool Kit (full set of all 8 herbal essential oils + guasha board).
CERTIFICATION A certificate of completion will be awarded only upon completion of all course requirements.
QUALIFICATION As a Meridian 101 Ambassador, you will be competently trained in Meridian 101, a unique D.I.Y. style acupressure massage and guasha technique based on 2500 years of Traditional Chinese Medical science and the application of bio-tech herbal essential oils. You will acquire a time-tested health skill that enable you to join our team of Speakers and Ambassadors to help educate many people on preventive health and natural therapy. This is an exciting opportunity for those who appreciate learning a new skill that provides a flexi-time career supported by mentoring and working in teams, and is rewarding in terms of financial compensation and the immense satisfaction derived from helping others.
COURSE FEE S$600 (inclusive of handbook, refreshment, mentorship and international franchise business rights)
Early bird sign up enjoys 25% discount (S$450) for payment made 21 days before course commencement date




The Meridian 101 International Franchise Program supports the development of resources and capability in new markets. We are happy to work with anyone who is able to organize and make local arrangement (venue, accommodation, etc) and have at least 15 participants (for cost sharing) for a 3-day Intensive Meridian 101 Franchise Training Program.

This intensive program aims to start-up a core team of Meridian 101 Ambassadors-cum-Speakers. For a new start-up franchise team, we would focus only on mastery of either one or two Meridian 101 workshops. Over time, we would transfer the knowledge and skill sets for all workshops to the franchise team.

We are immensely proud of our Meridian 101 Teams in numerous Asian cities - Jakarta, Manila, Cebu, Tokyo, Taipei and Johor.

Contact us for more details.




Ms Neo Hui Koon
(Class A_1/09)
"I feel that the M101 Ambassador Training is not just a course for me to acquire a health maintenance skill for myself and family. It propels individuals like me to go out and use the skill to benefit more people and at the same time enables me to have another source of earning."

Lee Hui Fang
(2/2014 batch)
M101 Wellness Educator
“I’d learnt such useful skills in this course that can be used by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. It has enabled me to help many people. Today, I’m a professional M101 speaker sharing the goodness with schools, corporations and clubs across Singapore.”

Wendy Kwong
(2/2015 batch)
Business Owner
“This course has equipped me with the easy-to-learn-and-teach wellness skills and business know-how to launch a regional business that is well supported by a great and experienced team. I see huge potential in the wellness trend and I aim to bring the M101 workshops into Indonesia and beyond.”

陈慧娟 Tan Hui Kiong
(2/2014 batch)
“我了解到预防保健的重要性,并看到新加坡老年人越来越多。 我一直有一个梦想就是自己做老板有自己的事业, 经络101让我实现我的梦想,经络101 事业是一份你可以自由运用你自己的时间来经营,比起我以前忙碌的上班时间,我现在非常开心我不但可以帮助别人也可以拥有一份自由自在的事业。”



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