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PERSONAL Workshops: for You & Family

Meridian 101 is a simple, modernized D.I.Y. way to great health, and you'll depend less on synthetic drugs and antibiotics, and therefore do away with long term harmful side effects. Meridian 101 is our most popular hands-on learning workshop series that covers practical knowledge on meridian therapy, acupressure and guasha techniques with herbal essential oil application. You get plenty of guided learning, assisted by our friendly Meridian 101 Ambassadors. This workshop is very fun, highly interactive and completely experiential. It's a preventive healthcare skill that will benefit you and your family for a life time.


Meridian 101 EVERYONE Workshop
Meridian 101 for EVERYONE

Preventive care for Respiratory and Reproductive (vitality) systems to breathe well and stay at the peak of vitality and performance.

You will learn how to strengethen your Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney and Bladder Meridians to safeguard against and relieve asthma, sinus, cough and flu; alleviate PMS, menopausal symptoms, improve fatigue and low sex drive, and to stay energetic.

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Meridian 101 for DETOX Workshop (Physical)

Preventive care for Detoxification and Digestive systems to help our body purge out toxins naturally and to optimally absorb nurtients from the food we eat to stay healthy.

You will learn how to strengthen your Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen Meridians to enhance your detox, digestive and immunity systems to safeguard against and relieve constipation, indigestion, bloated stomach, and care for diabetic condition.

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Meridian 101 DETOX Workshop
Meridian 101 FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY Workshop
Meridian 101 for FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY Workshop (Physical)

Preventive care for ALL our internal organs through the stimulation of the reflex zones on our face and to combat facial sag and stress.

You will learn a unique D.I.Y. facial guasha massage to rejuvenate your facial complexion and tune up the health of your internal organs. You will experience an instant radiant facelift right before your very eyes; presenting a youthful and healthy glow on and in you!

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Meridian 101 for DE-STRESS Workshop (Physical)

Preventive care for Nervous system to de-stress and relax. Chronic stress is a precursor to many modern lifestyle diseases.

You will learn how to strengthen your Heart and Pericardium Meridians, in combination with aromatherapy, for Stress Management to safeguard against and relieve stress-induced stiff neck/shoulder, chronic headache, insomnia, and poor sleep quality.

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Meridian 101 DE-STRESS Workshop
Meridian 101 WOMEN Workshop
Meridian 101 for WOMEN HEALTH Workshop (Physical)

Preventive care for women health that includes natural slimming through meridian therapy (slimming applies to men too).

You will learn how to stimulate Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen Meridians to shed excess flab at tummy, thighs and lower legs naturally through meridian massage and guasha with herbal essential oils; and care for breasts, PMS and menopause.

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CORPORATE Talks: For Health-Conscious Companies

We offer a suite of 1-hour luncheon wellness talk-cum-demo for group size of 10 participants and above in your company/office. The popular talks requested by most companies for staff welfare, healthy lifestyle and recreational program include:

How to Prevent & Relieve Stiff Neck & Shoulder?

Stiff neck/shoulder is the no. 1 health problem for most office workers who sit in front of computers for long hours. This talk will equip participants with DIY meridian guasha and acupressure massage techniques to self-heal and prevent stiff neck/shoulder.


How to Detox Naturally to Enhance Immunity?

Toxins enter our body through less-than-healthy diet, lifestyle and even respiration. More than ever, the modern man and woman need our detoxification system (liver, bladder, etc) to be in peak condition 24/7. This talk will help participants learn how to purge toxins and prevent illness as a result of toxic accumulation in their body.


How to De-Stress Effectively & Achieve Restful Sleep?

Insomnia and fitful sleep can be helped with an understanding of how to promote a smooth flow of energy through your heart and small intestine meridians and skilful choice of natural plant aromatherapy for relaxation. This talk will help participants achieve deep rest and thus enhance their concentration and performance at work.


How to Enhance Vitality for Peak Performance?

The kidney and bladder meridians govern our life force and vitality for living out an active life, peak performance at work, as well as for procreation (sex and child bearing). This talk will help participants learn where to acu-press and massage to boost up vitality so as to perform at their best in all areas of life.


How to Stay Youthful with Cellular Therapy?

All diseases are a result of degeneration or malfunction of cells in our body. The layman term to describe cell degeneration is Aging. What if we can help our cells to repair, regenerate and renew healthier? Yes, this talk will equip participants with ways to enhance cellular health, stay youthful and therefore prevent and delay the onset of aging diseases.


How to Look Great with Facial Reflexology?

This is a must-attend for all ladies who care about having a beautiful facial complexion that radiate from inside out. This talk will help participants understand and experience the benefits of facial guasha with demonstration.



SILVER CARE Workshop: For the Wellness-Oriented Silver Generation

The Good News: Singapore’s life expectancy has increased by 12 years over the last 5 decades: from 72 years in 1980 to 84 years in 2015. It is one of the highest in the world.

The Good Question: How do you wish to live out your longer years? Wheelchair-bound, bed-ridden, needing a care-giver? Or healthily, gracefully, playfully, actively and still contributing to others?

The Fact: Singapore's fast aging population will impact Health and Economy. The number of elderly will triple to 900,000 by 2030, and they will be supported by a smaller base of working adults. There are currently 6.3 working adults for each elderly aged 65 and above. By 2030, there will only be 2.1 working adults for each elder. The growing population of silver generation (age 50 and above) is well over 1m.

The Aspiration: The Life After Work survey by HSBC indicated the aspiration of most who retire/semi-retire in their 50s wish to get out of the rat race to enjoy life but health and finance are their concerns. More significantly, most of them aspire to continue to be active but to engage themselves in meaningful work in a flexible hour basis, and to continue earning an income.

We offer Meridian 101 Workshops designed specifically for the Seniors to do preventive care for themselves. We also welcome those from the Silver Generation who are keen to join our group as Meridian 101 Ambassadors to contribute in the growing wellness industry.



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