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Goh Eng Wah

Hasten Recovery from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Goh Eng Wah (age 73), Singapore

Apr 2019 - Suffered shingle and developed Ramsay Hunt Syndrome resulting in excruciating pain in his head and ear areas. The left side of his face drooped and he was worried he would not get back to normal again. Doctors could only advise him to do more exercuses in the hope that he would recover in a few months.

15 Jul to 1 Oct 2019 - He embarked on Meridian 101 self-help treatment: Facial and Head Guasha, ear exercises using finger massage + Guasha on his Triple Warmer meridian to invigorate his face with Vital Meridian, Forsythia Detox, HuoXiang, Angelica Ardent + Celergen Swiss Marine Supplement. Doctor was surprised at the speed of his recovery, with 95% cleared except for the left eyelid due to damaged nerve muscle there.

22 Feb 2020 - A happy Mr Gohwho has recovered to close normal self. Thanks to avita herbal essential oils and Meridian 101 self-healing techniques.


Ava Franchette DazoRelief of Acne
Ava Franchette Dazo (age 12), The Philippines

At 12 years old, Ava started becoming conscious because a lot of ACNE was happening on her forehead. She tried using many types of cream and medication and none of it helped much.

Ava was introduced to avita Forsythia Detox Oil for relief of acne. She applied it on her acne 2~3 times daily. The acne dries quickly and heals with no scar. Ava is happy to be free of acne now, and she is confident of herself.


Florabel DazoRelief of Numbness, Sleeping and Sneezing Problems
Florabel Dazo (Breast Cancer Survivor), The Philippines

After my breast surgery in December 2019, I felt very weak, my right arm felt numb and I was not able to move it normally.

Before operation, my colleague recommended me the avita TCM Herbal oils. I brought these oils to the hospital. I asked my Mom to apply Vital Meridian plus Forysthia oil on my right arm to ease the pain and numbness. It helped tremendously. It is now a habit for me to apply these oils whenever I feel pain in my area of surgery. After chemotherapy, I also apply the oils to help me regain my strength, especially during the period where my dosage of Chemotherapy medicine was higher.

Even before surgery I have sleeping problems. It was very hard for me to get my sleep and I often wake up in the middle of the night. Using the Nepenthe herbal oil has greatly improved my sleep quality. I can now sleep as early as between 9 - 10pm (in the past, I could not fall asleep until after midnight.)

Hinoki and Farnesol Magnolia are my favorite herbal oils for use in the morning. That’s because I easily get colds and will sneeze non-stop. Using the combination of these two oils to apply on my nose, chest and neck, helps to relieve my morning nose irritation. Now I have no more runny nose and no more non-stop sneezing. Hinoki also helps me to be more calm and relaxed.

These are the reasons why these are my top 5 favorite TCM Herbal Oils. They now accompany me wherever I go.


Self-help Wellness
Quek Khin Geok, Internal Auditor

Since I attended the beauty workshop few weeks ago, I have been doing facial guasha everyday and I must say I am really pleased with the results. Have also been doing the tummy massage with the Forsythia herbal essential oil and Vita Meridian Essence, I no longer feel a lump of fat in my abdomen when I sit or squat. The skills we learnt are really useful.


Lady Gloria Clayton, Australia

Relieved Finally, from Six Years of Pain due to Stiff Neck
Lady Gloria Clayton, Australia

Aug 2007 - For 6 years, I have been having difficulties in moving my head from side to side, due to my osteoporosis condition. Over the years, I've tried many different kinds of orthodox and alternative medical treatments but my condition showed no signs of improvements. I was told that I would have to live with it and I actually accepted the advice. Until one evening while I was in Singapore, I attended a Meridian 101 workshop. During the session, I volunteered myself for a demonstration by the workshop speaker, Ms Theingi. Though it seemed like a just a simple massage using the buffalo bone guasha board with Vital Essence herbal essential oils on the neck and shoulder, I could feel the effects almost immediately! For the first time in years, I was able to move my head freely without any pain! And the relief has continued till today.


Relief from PMS Pains

I have been suffering from Pre/Post menstrual syndrome ever since I was 12. Two weeks before my menses, I would experience fever, headache, engorgement of breasts, tummy blot and mood swings - not just a mild one but a terrible one which I would avoid contact with anyone - family member or friend.

I also had to refrain from consuming spicy food. As an Indian, it was tough to completely do away with it and also from cooling stuffs like tea and citrus fruits. Worse still... Every month I suffered tremendous cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and fainting spell... 4-in-1!

So I started to take Panadol ever since then... and basically became a routine every month to take Panadol even after I started to work as I had no choice, otherwise my work would be affected. Even a gynecologist I sought advice from said that it is very common among women to have cramps... and I was prescribed with a painkiller- Synflex. When I run out of Synflex, I switched back to Panadol. A few times I tried to test if I could do without pain killer... but no mercy for me.

In addition, I also experience post menstrual syndrome after my menses which lasts for at least 2 to 3 days. So, just imagine how lousy I feel every month!!

Ya, life was like this until last December 2006. My good friend, Esther, who knew of my problem approached me to suggest trying out the Angelica Ardent herbal oil, which has Angelica, Rose and Evening Primrose essential oil as ingredients. As it was made purely by herbs and because it was an external application I was quite prepared to try it. I applied the oil in January 2007 for about 10 days before my menses and obediently followed her instructions to massage the oil onto my womb and kidney areas. Surprisingly, except for slight discomfort, I actually did not suffer any pains that month! I was very happy but I still kept my fingers crossed till I used the oil again for the next month. This time I only used it 5 days before and again no more pain. Wow, it was really a miracle I should say :) I did not face any pain or vomiting or diarrhea or dizziness or even mood swings before and after at all... Instead I felt very energized and the good thing is that I did not have to avoid tea and spicy food :)

Thank goodness to Esther ;) No more pain, no more tears.


  Esther ChongTummy Slimming with Vital Meridian Herbal Essential Oil
Esther Chong, Cambodia



谢谢 avita本草精油!

After attending the Meridian 101 WOMEN Workshop, I used Vital Meridian Oil to do slimming massage on my tummy area. I'm happy to find that my tummy had become flatter and I looked slimmer within a week.

My husband had a very bad acne infection. Every day after washing his face, I will apply Farnesol Magnolia oil on his infected area. Within a week, his face looks smoother and cleaner and the acne was gone.

Thank you to Avita Essential Oils.


Francheska PaderesDeep Restful Sleep with Nepenthe Herbal Essential Oil
Francheska Paderes (age 4), The Philippines

This cute little girl is a fan of these two TCM Herbal essential oils - Vital Meridian and Forysthia Detox.

Francheska had a high fever and stomach pain during the ECQ lockdown in Philippines in 2020. Since it was very hard to visit a doctor, the mother decided to apply the oil mix on her chest, stomach and her back. After an hour, the temperature reduced from 38.5 to 37.5 and subsequently became normal. Her stomach pain also subsided. Since then, whenever she feels uncomfortable, she would always ask for the avita herbal oils to be applied on her.


Emee Abalajen, ManilaDeep Restful Sleep with Nepenthe Herbal Essential Oil
Emee G. Abalajen, The Philippines

Everyday, I start my day at about 4.30am to get to church for the morning mass and I volunteer my service there as the church accountant. In the afternoon, I work as an accountant in a company. After such a long, long day at work, I could hardly sleep because my mind would remain active. I often stay awake till midnight contemplating on the day's happening.

Attending the Meridian 101 Workshop was a saving grace. I learnt how to use the Nepenthe herbal essential oil to massage various acupressure points along my heart, gall bladder and du meridians for calming and de-stressing. In fact, merely sniffing the fragrant Nepenthe aroma calms down my senses, helping me to enjoy a really good and deep sleep. When I wake up in the morning (even with only about 4 hours of sleep), I feel I've had a complete 8-hour rest and I don’t feel any dizziness due to lack of sleep.

Indeed, avita Herbal Essential Oils are God's gifts to man that everyone should enjoy.

Xiao Mei uses HuoXiang使用藿香的见证




Relief from Menstual Headache
Ms Suzie (workshop participant)

I have been suffering from headaches during my periods for past 3 years. Each time, I have to resort to taking painkillers. After attending the Meridian 101 for Beauty Facial Guasha course in May 2007, I thought I would try to apply head guasha to see if it helps to alleviate my headache. After 2 rounds of head guasha, my headache actually went off and I didn't have to take panadol. About two weeks later, I was down with migrane because of insufficient sleep. I thought I would try the head guasha again and like the previous time, found it to work. Now, I don't dread headaches and migranes anymore. I am really glad for attending the course.


Learning @ Meridian 101 Workshop
Ely Aliarja

I really enjoyed the Meridian 101 workshop. I learnt a lot that I can apply to my family. I'm looking forward to attend another workshop. Thank you very much.



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