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Discover the healing power of TCM with our Meridian 101 educational workshops. Learn D.I.Y. preventive care acupressure and guasha techniques with herbal essential oils to improve the health and well-being of you and your family in a fun and experiential way.

Meridian 101 self-healing acupressure and guasha

Meridian 101 explained, simply

Meridian 101 is an easy-to-learn and pragmatic approach to applying the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for holistic well-being in today’s modern living. You will learn how to balance the flow of energy (Qi) through the meridian system in your body to prevent illnesses, alleviate pain and stress, and enhance overall health. We utilise Acupressure and Guasha techniques for these purposes. Acupressure involves applying pressure to stimulate specific acupoints on the body, while Guasha involves scraping along specific meridians to improve Qi and blood circulation. Unlock your body’s natural healing potential with Meridian 101.

What Participants say…

Help my 83 year old Mom sleeps better

“I am happy to share that Meridian 101 acupressure skills and herbal essential oils have been incredibly beneficial for my 83-year-old mother’s health. Since incorporating these practices into her routine, she has experienced deeper and more restful sleep, reduced stress levels, and improved overall well-being. We are grateful for these natural and effective solutions.”
Christina Tan

I’m now slimmer with a flatter tummy

“I highly recommend Meridian 101 WOMEN Workshop to all ladies. I learnt natural slimming with acupressure and guasha with TCM herbal essential oils. I immediately put it to the test and started massaging my tummy area with TCM herbal essential oils every night. I couldn’t be happier with my flatter tummy and slimmer appearance. Thank you for this life-changing experience.”
Esther Chong

Meridian 101 powers up my energy everyday

“I used to struggle with fatigue every day, but since I started practicing Meridian 101 Human Reset every morning, my energy levels have skyrocketed. This simple routine boosted by the vital energy from the TCM herbal essential oils has helped me improve my chi circulation and enhance my vitality. I can’t imagine starting my day without it now! Everyone should learn Meridian 101.”
Jonalyn Gutierrez
The Philippines

What Meridian 101 Ambassadors & Speakers say…

Meridian 101 Trainer Ho Ee Kid explains the ABC of Meridian 101
Veronica Choo shares her Meridian 101 AHA moment!
Hear what TCM Physician Germaine Goh say about Meridian 101
Joanne Chai leverages Meridian 101 to realise her dreams.

Meridian 101, a preventive wellness movement since 2007…

Meridian 101 is a global initiative that originated in Singapore in 2007 with the aim of encouraging preventative wellness practices worldwide. This program comprises an uncomplicated acupressure and guasha health regimen based on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern biotechnology techniques for herbal oil extraction.

essentiallyMERIDIAN serves as a wellness educational platform for preventative wellness and provides informative talks and experiential workshops for both individuals and organisations around the world.

We also conduct Train-the-Trainers program for like-minded individuals to join our movement as Wellness Entrepreneurs. We have a growing international network of trainers in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, China, Australia, USA, South Africa and Kenya.

Meridian 101 Experiential Workshops

Meridian 101 Human Reset
You will be introduce to the ancient TCM wisdom of the Five Elements and how to harmonise the Five Elements for wellness.

You will learn how to improve your immune system and increase the circulation of vital energy throughout your meridian network by stimulating five magic acupressure points that correspond to the Five Elements.
Meridian 101 EVERYONE
Preventive care for Respiratory and Reproductive (Vitality) systems to breathe well and stay at the peak of performance everyday.

You will learn how to strengthen your Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney and Bladder Meridians to safeguard against asthma, sinus, cough and flu; alleviate PMS, menopausal symptoms, improve fatigue and low sex drive.
Meridian 101 DETOX
Preventive care for Nervous system to de-stress and relax. Chronic stress is a precursor to most of today’s lifestyle diseases.

You will learn how to strengthen your Heart and Pericardium Meridians, in combination with aromatherapy, for Stress Management for the relief of stiff neck/shoulder, chronic headache, insomnia, and poor sleep quality.
Preventive care for ALL your internal organs through the stimulation of the reflex zones on your face and to combat facial sag and stress. You will learn a unique D.I.Y. facial guasha massage to rejuvenate your facial complexion and tune up the health of your internal organs.

You will experience an instant radiant facelift right before your very eyes; presenting a youthful and healthy glow on and in you!
Meridian 101 DETOX
Preventive care for Detoxification and Digestive systems to help your body purge out toxins naturally and to optimally absorb nutrients from the food to stay healthy.

You will learn how to strengthen your Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen Meridians to enhance your detox, digestive and immunity systems to safeguard against and relieve constipation, indigestion, bloated stomach, and care for diabetic condition.
Meridian 101 WOMEN
Preventive care for women health that includes natural slimming through meridian therapy (slimming applies to men too).

You will learn how to stimulate Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen Meridians to shed excess flab at tummy, thighs and lower legs naturally through meridian massage and guasha with herbal essential oils. You will learn preventive care for woman issues like breasts, PMS and menopause.

Come and tune up your wellness with Meridian 101!

Wellness talks for the Corporates

Meridian 101’s preventive wellness education program provides the perfect solution for corporate organisations. This comprehensive program equips employees with the knowledge they need to practice preventive self-care skills, including stress management, improved vitality and concentration, and nutrition. Plus, our program is also an excellent interactive team-bonding activity that can help foster good relationships among staff, for improved team dynamics at work.

How to Destress and Relax?

Stiff neck and shoulder is the No. 1 health problem for most office workers who sit in front of computers for long hours. Stress at work and home is also a cause for poor sleep quality, migraine and tension headache. This talk will equip participants with DIY meridian acupressure and guasha therapy techniques for self-healing.

How to Detox Naturally?

Toxins enter our body through less-than-healthy diet, lifestyle and even respiration. More than ever, we need our detoxification system to be in peak condition 24/7. This talk will help participants learn how to purge toxins and prevent illness as a result of toxic accumulation in their body.

How to Look Great with Facial Reflexology?

Designed for women who value beautiful facial complexion that exudes radiance from the inside out, this talk will let attendees learn about the reflex zone of the face and witness the benefits of facial guasha through a live demonstration.

How to Combat Aging with Cellular Therapy?

In this talk, we will discuss the latest advances in regenerative medicine and how cellular therapy can combat aging by repairing and rejuvenating cells, slow down the aging process and improve overall health and especially our immune system.

Our happy clients include…
  • Alexandra Hospital
  • Aranda Country Club
  • Art of Living, India
  • Art of Living, Kenya
  • Bank of China
  • Baptist Golden Home
  • Civil Service Club
  • CXA
  • Credit Suisse
  • DHL
  • Dover Park Hospice
  • Dunman Sec School
  • Epson Singapore
  • Extraordinary People
  • Fei Yue Community Services
  • FRCS Eldercare Center
  • Genius Central
  • Great Eastern
  • Hackuity
  • Hakka Association
  • Health Sciences Authority
  • Henderson Well Center
  • HomeTeam
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • I’m Possible Learning Planet
  • IBL
  • IBM
  • Income Insurance
  • Juniper Networks
  • Kampong Ubi Community Club
  • Kim Choo Bak Chang
  • Lions Befriender
  • M1
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Maybank
  • Medtronic Singapore
  • Meridian Institute
  • Microsoft
  • MSIG
  • MTU
  • MY World Preschool
  • NUS
  • NUSS
  • OCBC Bank
  • O2Works
  • One Punggol
  • Oodles Learning
  • Pacific Tech
  • People’s Association
  • Points of You
  • Prudential
  • Raffles Girls’ primary School
  • Raffles Hospital
  • Rockwell Automation
  • RSVP
  • SATT
  • Sembawang Country Club
  • Singapore Airline
  • Singapore General Hospital
  • Singapore Swimming Club
  • SingLife
  • Singtel
  • SNEF
  • Sony
  • SparkleTots
  • SPC
  • Thales Group
  • TNT
  • Toyo Aircon
  • True Blue Restaurant
  • 广西会馆,柔佛